FLEX Relocation Credit

Relocate a FLEX and save!

Help us optimize the distribution of FLEX vehicles across the zone and get 30 minutes free!

Your trip only becomes billable after the 31st minute.

How does it work exactly?

It’s so easy!

  1. Select a FLEX vehicle displaying this pictogram.

  2. Start your trip and end it in the intensive use area identified on the map.

    The credit will be granted automatically if you are entitled to it (see conditions below).

Intensive Use Area

Identified on the Communauto app.


  1. The relocation credit is a deferral of the first 30 billable minutes of a trip, so you remain eligible for all the credits that are usually offered when you use a FLEX: free blocking for 30 minutes while you get to the car, snow removal credit of up to 15 minutes in winter, 20-minute credit if you gas up.
  2. The credit is granted only if the trip is made with an identified vehicle and if the trip ends within the intensive use area.
  3. The relocation credit cannot be combined with the 30-minute credit available to FLEX pass holders. In this case, only one or the other of these credits is granted (they do not add up).