FLEX Parking Guide

Where can I park with a FLEX vehicle in Montreal?

Zones reserved to
holders of a resident parking permit

Service Area

Street Cleaning Zones

FLEX Drop-off Points

Parking Meters Downtown

Zones reserved for holders of a resident parking permit

You can park in the areas reserved for holders of a resident parking permit when you are inside the service area (except zones 103 (Plateau-Mont-Royal), 131 (Rosemont), 143 (CDN-NDG), 333 (Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve) and 363 (Sud-Ouest) which are reserved to round-trip Communauto vehicles). You must, however, respect the signs just like any other motorist (restrictions, street cleaning zones, etc.). See below for prohibitions.

FLEX Service Area

At the end of your trip, FLEX cars must always be released inside the service area, curbside (on public property), in a non-metered location (except for exceptions: Learn more).

Street Cleaning Zones

You are allowed to release a vehicle in a street cleaning zone (in force from April 1 to December 1), at the end of your trip, provided that it is allowed to park the vehicle there until the end of the next day (11:59 p.m.).

FLEX Drop-off Points

  • FLEX drop-off points, recognizable by parking signs 403-405, are designated parking spaces, on or off-street, that are generally outside of the service area but where it is still possible to start or end a trip with a FLEX vehicle.
  • Find the FLEX drop-off points in the app. Select an icon and swipe the app dialogue box up to obtain additional information on a FLEX drop point.
  • Before going to a FLEX drop-off point, check on the Communauto app if parking is authorized or if specific rules apply. For example, some drop-off points may be closed during road work or if a snow removal operation is in progress.
  • Curbside FLEX drop-off points are exempt from street cleaning parking restrictions usually in effect from April 1 to December 1.

Parking Meters Downtown

It is possible to park a FLEX vehicle in front of certain parking meters in downtown Montreal. The permitted zone extends between Sherbrooke Street to the north and Viger Street to the south, Saint-Hubert Street to the east and Guy Street to the west. Discover all the details here >

Where is it prohibited to park with a FLEX vehicle?

You must comply with the following prohibitions, and be aware that you remain liable for any penalties or fines incurred, even once the vehicle has been released.

It is not permitted to park a FLEX vehicle (even temporarily) in a space reserved for round-trip cars at a Communauto station.

panneau voie bus

It is not allowed to leave a vehicle in a reserved bus lane, even if parking is authorized there upon return.

panneau neige

Watch out for orange signs during snow removal periods! It is not permitted to leave a vehicle in an area where a snow removal sign is posted. In Montreal, signs are usually placed before 3pm for snow clearing between 7pm and 7am, and before 8pm for snow clearing the following day between 7am and 7pm.

borne stationnement

At a parking meter at the end of your trip, unless the parking meter is inside the permitted downtown area. Learn more.

panneau 60 minutes

In a limited-time authorized parking area or in a drop-off zone, even if parking is authorized there upon return.

panneau stationnement interdit

In a prohibited parking area.

panneau stationnement interdit 2

In a prohibited stop area or other permanent restriction.