Greater Montreal

Combine your public transit subscription with an Open Plus plan or one of the Value plans to benefit from privileged access to Communauto cars.

Thanks to the OPUS à l’année (STM), OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise (EXO) programs, access the Value plan without paying the refundable membership fee of $500 for a monthly fee ($8) or take advantage of the Open Plus plan without paying the subscription fee for your first year. 

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Open Plus DUO auto+bus


per hour

or $50 + $35 / additionnal day


membership fee

45 $0

annual fee


Late Night Return Option: $0/h
between 11pm and 7am

Value DUO auto+bus


per hour

or 27.50/day

500 $0

membership fee


per month

+ 44¢/km

32¢/km after 50km

Late Night Return Option: $0/h
between 11pm and 7am

FLEX: 40¢ per minute

*Value Plus and Value Extra plans can also be selected as part of a DUO auto+bus subscription, without paying the membership bond. The selected plan’s monthly fee will be added to the DUO’s $8 monthly fee. 

How to take advantage of this offer? 

  • You must be registered in advance to one of the following programs: OPUS à l’année (STM), OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise (EXO). 
  • Minimum commitment of one year with Communauto 
  • Online subscription 
  • For the Open Plus DUO auto+bus plan: use promo code OPUSLIB
  • For the Value DUO auto+bus plan: select the appropriate package. 

 Need more information? Contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you. 

OPUS à l’année, OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise subscriptions are offered to you by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain, responsible for planning, financing and pricing of services for the Montreal metropolitan area.